Written by Dale Wasserman

Light fireworks! Stop presses! Run a news-crawl on TV! This newly-discovered play by The Bard of Avon is clearly the Event of the Century!

Announcing the PREMIERE of a new play by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

The Tragedy of

Unless…could it possibly be a fake? A forgery? A prank played on an audience of several billion Bardolaters? Ridiculous! Who could hope to get away with forging a play by William Shakespeare? Who could hope to fool everyone-- experts, scholars, critics and an audience of cheering, applauding Bardomaniacs? And for what purpose?

Actually PREMIERE! is a new play by Dale Wasserman, author of dozens of works for the theatre, movies and television including those two classics, MAN OF LA MANCHA and ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.

You know his plays—they’ve harvested a crop of Tony Awards (nine when last counted) – plus a bouquet of awards by the New York Critics, the French Academy, the Spanish Academia, and other assorted Academies. He’s written a comedy this time– one set, six characters–loosing a load of laughter and armed with an edge of satire and never-disclosed information about the man called Shakespeare.

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